One of the most cherished collaborations we take part in are wedding ceremonies. We feel honored to be involved in your special time. We utilize a photo-journalistic approach and work with you to capture all the events that make-up your wedding time. We offer tailored services that may include a bridal fitting shoot, a shower, a bachelor party along with traditional wedding and engagement services. We utilize two photographers at all weddings in order to capture different views and separate moments that are impossible to capture just using one photographer.

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2006 Weddings

McGovren and Smolinski Wedding
October 14, 2006: Saugatuck, Michigan

Emerson and Wilson Wedding
July 1, 2006: Midland, Michigan

Brown and Pinder Wedding
May 18, 2006: Kauai, Hawaii

Brown and Pinder Reception
August 5, 2006; Kalamazoo, Michigan

2005 Weddings

Tjpkema and Karthen Wedding
July 18, 2005, East Lansing, Michigan

Pittman and McAnaw Wedding
October 1, 2005, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Scanlan and Distel Wedding
October 22, 2005, Chicago, Illinois

View & Order From Recent Engagements

Jamie Brown and Sam Pinder
March 25, 2006, Detroit, Michigan

Kate McGovren
March 22, 2006, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Nicole Emerson
October 20, 2005, Kalamazoo, Michigan

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