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We encourage you to browse through the photographs in this site. Please understand that they are NOT FREE -- they may be licensed for a negotiable fee all are protected under the 1976 Federal Copyright Act. No image is to be copied, duplicated, modified or redistributed in whole or part without prior written permission from Z-Kal Imagery.

Our livelihood as photographers is predicated upon making photographic and images and licensing rights to use those images. Please know that these images are costly to produce and that we do not give away their use. Please respect domestic and international copyright law, and understand that copyright law is what makes professional photography possible and protects a photographer's ability to market his own creations.

Without exception, all text and photographs © Z-Kal Imagery . All rights are reserved worldwide. No image may used, for any purpose other than temporary caching by web browsers, without prior written permission from Z-Kal Imagery. Z-Kal Imagery is not responsible for improper use of the material (text, images) contained in this site. The entire content of this site, as a whole and in its parts, is protected by international copyright.



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